iPraktikum is a practical course held each semester at the Technical University of Munich. The course aims at showing students how software development is conducted on real world projects. Therefor the focus lies on mobile applications in the iOS environment. Projects are implemented by small student teams, whereas various companies pose as real customers. Quartett mobile participated in the course several times so far and the results were always excellent:

iPraktikum WS15/16

Project: Quartett Home

The Quartett Home app allows the control of HomeKit-enabled appliances from the car's multi-media interface. It is built in a way that makes operating the interface from behind the steering wheel safe and legal.


iPraktikum SS15

Project: Audi Home

The goal of the project was the development of a system that allows controlling the smart home environment from within the car. The application shows a user interface on the infotainment system, listens to user commands, and translates them to actions for the smart environment.