With the Porsche Connect app transfer your navigation destinations quickly and with ease from the address book or the calendar of your smartphone directly to the infotainment system of your Porsche (Porsche Communication Management, short: PCM). The destinations are saved into your personal favourites list and as soon as your phone is connected to the vehicle WiFi, you can access them from the PCM and start the navigation. 

Another highlight is the navigation based on your pictures. Every time you take a picture, the place of taking is also recorded and the app can navigate you straight to where you took your favourite photos.

Furthermore, the app is equipped with a Google search, using which you can search and save points of interest, such as restaurants, to your favourites. 

In addition to all these features, with the PCM Connect app you are able to check the current traffic situation on your route. While driving use the realtime traffic information services of the PCM, in order to reach your destination quickly and safely.*

Another feature this app offers are the music services. The PCM Connect app enables access to millions of songs from different music providers, and those can simply be played using the music player of your PCM.

*The usage of realtime traffic information in the PCM Connect App is free of charge. The realtime traffic information service as part of the navigation module of the PCM includes a free period of time of at least 12 months and can be extended at www.porsche.com/connect. The usage of this service requires a data-enabled SIM card. A special fee-based contract with a mobile service provider is required. Information about the availability of realtime traffic information service as part of both the app and the PCM in your country is available at your Porsche Centre.