The Documents app was developed by Quartett mobile specifically for Audi AG.

The functions the app provides are generally comparable to those found in Dropbox or GoodReader. It supports displaying documents from Audi's internal online databases, email attachments and documents exchanged within the Audi network, among other features. Additionally it's possible to make documents available offline, mark them as favourite or erase them locally, while keeping the original documents unchanged. 

The focus, or specialty, of the Documents app is its security aspect. For this reason documents can only be viewed when all the security requirements are met. One of these requirements is verification with the help of a valid Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) card, an Audi card reader and the SingleSignOn application. Apart from these security facets many other specifications apply to the implementation. For example functions such as app search, AirPrint, AirPlay, data exchange with other apps, iTunes transmission and iCloud backups are not allowed and communication can only succeed if it is encoded.